Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter SUCKS

You would think that having spent my entire life in the Northeast and the Midwest I would be used to winter by now, perhaps even enjoy winter.

But you would be WRONG!

I hate the cold -- and am always cold. And I miss being able to bike and take long walks. I miss the sun.

Sure, snow is pretty. You want to come over here and shovel a foot of the stuff?

And do not get me started about snow days.

Oh wait. That was the phone. It just started to snow, again, so the superintendent of schools has called for early dismissal. This after I just dropped my daughter off at school 90 minutes ago.

Have I mentioned I hate winter? But I'm not sure what the alternative is.

I have already announced to the spouse that we are either moving or spending the winter someplace warm after the teenager goes to college. But where to go?

While I detest the cold, I'm not sure I'd fit in in Florida. And I want to live someplace with some form of culture (museums, shows) and a National League Baseball team (so I could occasionally see my Mets) as well as a football team (though the latter is not as important as long as we can watch Giants games -- and Jets games, if the Jets don't totally suck). And I want to live someplace near a beach. (My favorite activity? Taking long walks on the beach just before sunset, when it's still warm out.) Where I can also walk to shops.

Does such a place exist? I have no idea. But if you do, please let me know via a comment.

All I have left to say is, that groundhog better not see its shadow on Saturday.


Betty Cracker said...

You have a finely honed appreciation for absurdity, so you might find Florida a better fit than you think!

Dave S. said...

I will trade you the foot of snow for the few millimeters of ice that showed up just in time to close school but not affect this afternoon's dental appointment. On the other hand, my sense is that the Connecticut power infrastructure fails catastrophically when temps go below 40 so you probably wouldn't go for the deal.

J. said...

@Betty, is there some ghetto for Northern Liberals who don't play golf that I am not aware of? If so, please enlighten me.

@Dave S., at the risk of incurring the wrath of the electricity god, it's the wind, not the temperature or the snow -- except when it snows in October... or early November. Or the third Wednesday of the month. Or on prime number days. Or....

Another David S. said...

What about San Diego? You may have to travel north for museums and shows (such as they are in L.A.--or head further up to SF), but otherwise it seems to meet your criteria.