Saturday, January 19, 2013

More proof that cats are smarter than humans

While some of you may think that cats are dumb and/or lazy, think about this: Who is that feeds them, waters them, cleans their litter box, and buys them toys and treats while they lay around the house napping 14 hours a day? Uh huh. See, cats aren't so dumb or lazy after all.

Need more proof? Check out this video of Kido the cat playing the shell game.

I now hear Kido's owner is teaching him to play blackjack. Vegas, you have been warned.

[H/T to friend of the blog RS for sending me that video, which has since gone viral. Hey RS, let me know how the shell game training is working out with your kitties.]

And if that wasn't impressive enough, how about the orange tabby cat who beat out a team of professional stock pickers to win the Observer newspaper's portfolio challenge?

As Jimmy Kimmel illustrates in this video titled "Cats Better Than Experts at Picking Stocks," maybe it's time that financial advisors tried a more feline approach to picking stocks.

Reliable. Innovative. Adorable. Yup.

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