Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vagina rules

At the risk of unintentionally attracting the wrong sort to this blog (though it is probably way too late for that), I felt compelled to share this very funny video, made by the folks at Sir Richard's Condoms, titled "Vagina Rules," where women list things (people) that will never go in their vagina.

(Other than the use of the word vagina, this video is totally safe to watch at work or at home -- unless you have a problem with the mention of investment bankers or magicians.)

So, ladies, any of you have any "vagina rules"? Similarly, guys, are there any vaginas you would never go in? Leave a (G, PG, or PG-13-rated) Comment on the blog.

[H/T to blogger Amy Z. of I Could Cry But I Don't Have the Time, who led me to Sir Richard's --  and brilliantly refers to the company as "the Tom’s of condoms."]


Another David S. said...

So, when do we get to see the male version?

J. said...

@Another David S., as soon as you've filmed it and posted it on YouTube. (Hey, you're a writer, director, and videographer. Make it happen.)

Another David S. said...

Hm, certainly a thought. Can't believe it hasn't been done already. (BTW, I don't recommend searching on the words "penis rules" on YouTube!)

Amyz5 said...

You see, when I first saw this Ithought it meant Vagina Rules, like they rule. You know, like Vagina Rules and Penis Drools.

Wait is this G? PG-13? R? Infantile?

Thanks for the link love J.