Monday, June 25, 2012

Coming out as a Democrat

Love this ad/YouTube clip titled "Mom, Dad... I'm a Democrat," put out by a guy named Ryan Combe who has a really hot wife is running for Congress in Northern Utah.

But the ad made me wonder: If you live in a Red State and/or your parents are Republicans, is it worse to come out as gay or as a Democrat? (Judging by the YouTube comments, I'd say the latter.)


Anonymous said...

Been Out and Proud for awhile now, but mother had to do this-she said it was quite hard.

Dave S. said...

I believe the answer to your question would be along the lines of "What's the God-damn difference?!"

Anonymous said...

Funny, but also sad, because what makes it funny is the element of truth behind it (i.e. that Democrats are as loathsome to Republicans as gays, who are an abomination to many Republicans).