Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you need a stud?

Attention horny housewives, cougars, and single chicks looking for a big, strong, studly helping hand: Are you renovating or about to move? Tired of big, sweaty, unattractive movers handling your goods? Well take heart, ladies! Presenting 2 Young Studs Moving.

 Their slogan? "How many studs do you need?" (Though as the company's name is 2 Young Studs Moving, I'm thinking you better not need more than two -- or else you might get two studs and a bunch of big, fat, smelly dudes.)

Major hat tip to the spouse for spotting this truck in the pouring rain Saturday...

and giving hot pursuit so I could snap several photos.

(We tried to peer into the front, to see if the guys were studly, but we couldn't get a good look.)

Note to my studly male readers: Franchises are available!

[On a somewhat related note, ever since seeing this truck, I have had this song stuck in my head.]

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