Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Should a Democrat challenge Obama?

If the Democrats want to retain the White House in 2012, should they consider running someone against Obama? And if so, who?

I've been thinking a lot about this, as apparently has CNN's Jack Cafferty. Not that another Democrat -- including Hillary Clinton -- would do any better under similar circumstances. (Bill Clinton, maybe, but probably not Hillary.)

But still, like a lot of people who voted for Barack Obama back in 2008, I am frustrated and disappointed with the Obama administration, for a lot of reasons, including not focusing on job creation from the get-go, as well as President Obama's seeming inability to stand up to Congress and letting the debt ceiling debate get way out of hand.

That said, I am not frustrated or disappointed enough to vote for any of the current crop of Republican presidential contenders -- though if a moderate Republican candidate with specific, concrete, actionable ideas for getting Americans back to work, improving education, and controlling health care spending while not leaving millions of Americans, including children, without decent coverage, emerged, I would seriously consider voting for said Republican.

But what about another Democrat? What if a Democrat (or Independent with moderate fiscal but liberal social leanings) emerged to challenge Obama, someone with executive experience, and a solid track record of accomplishments, who wasn't beholden to corporate interests and wasn't afraid to fight fire with fire? Would you vote for that person? And do you know of any such person?


Cristina said...

I've struggled with this question almost daily since the end of July. I have come to the conclusion that Joe Biden should be sacrificed for the team and replaced with William Jefferson Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Obama is going to raise a Billion dollars (with a b) this cycle.

There isn't another Democratic that can raise that kind of money including Bubba.

Biden can be sacrificed at any time-good with that!

czechgurl4u said...

Have you checked out Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry? I fully support their ideas of limited govt, and restoring constitutional rights.

czechgurl4u said...

I just reread the whole thread. I am still researching Perry and Bachmann. Eventhough they are Repubs, I fully support their ideaologies of limited govt. While I believe both are fairly conservative with social issues, I had to pick the most important issues to me; and those are getting the job market back, and controlling govt spending.

I actually voted for Obama, that was before I realized what a socialist this man is. It's scary what's going on in our country these days. :(