Sunday, May 15, 2011

My new role model

People, I give you J-ONE-O -- or me 40 years into the future.

[Is it just me or could Yiayia be Jewish -- or Italian?]

[Seriously, I feel like we're related. Indeed, one bubbe (aka Jewish grandmother) I knew of used to refer to her granddaughter's live-in significant other as her grand-sin-in-law.]

[It's like my father and/or grandfather was reincarnated as an old Greek woman. Ask the spouse. When I met him, both my father and maternal grandfather when I asked them if they liked my then boyfriend, who was the editor of an alternative/green publication and making no money, both responded "How much can you like a guy who doesn't have a real job?"]

I'm not a brand-specific kind of gal, nor am I typically influenced by ads (in fact quite the opposite), but after seeing these three ads for Athenos Greek yogurt and hummus, I am totally going to buy both Athenos products next time I'm stocking up on Greek yogurt and hummus.

[Huge thanks to StrangeAppar8us over on Rumproast for introducing me to these fabulous ads. Also check out the Athenos YiaTube channel. Hysterical.]

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Anonymous said...

Wasps are more subtle, but the Grams can sure get (the same) point across.

Does anyone else feel like some pita and hummus? Making a run...