Thursday, May 5, 2011

I could use a beer about now (Cinco de Mayo post)

I've been so busy freaking out about planning and packing for our trip to La Jolla, California, I forgot today was Cinco de Mayo -- until I heard the latest "the most interesting man in the world" radio ad for Dos Equis beer:

I'm not sure why but I love the line "He can open a pinata with a wink and a smile." (And, for the record, dicing onions makes me cry, which is probably why I'm not the most interesting man in the world, besides not having a penis, but it does make for good eats -- diced onions, not a penis.)

Well, gotta fly (literally).

Happy Cinco de Mayo. (Just hope it doesn't turn out to be a stinko to fly-o what with Obama in town.)

UPDATED: It turns out the most interesting man in the world is a Jewish actor from the Bronx. (Thanks to friend of the blog J. In La Jolla for sending me the link to the New Yorker article!)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy La Jolla - one of my favorite places on earth!!!

Dave S. said...

"He never fills up on chips" wins for me.

The Daily Del Franco said...

Stay thirsty, Jenny

Sugar Daze said...

Have a margarita for me! Enjoy your trip out West.

J. said...

I'm in a chair, flying through the sky!

@Anonymous: Any recommendations? (Sadly, we only have a few days.)

@Dave S., that was probably my second favorite. Also, read the New Yorker piece I link to in the post for more great lines.

@The Daily Del Franco, I forgot to check if they have Dos Equis on board, though probably best not to drink and fly.

@Sugar Daze, do they not have margaritas in Paris? (Actually, I've been craving vodka, straight up, lately. Must be my Russian blood.)

Laura said...

Enjoy SoCal! I lived in Lalaland for a few years, but have never actually been to La Jolla, so I don't have any recommendations. But hey, the weather should be lovely and the ocean freezing cold (there's a current that runs down from Alaska that keeps it that way), so if you plan on spending any time in the water, you definitely want a wetsuit! And I don't know if it's the right season for whale-watching, but if it is, there's lots of places you can catch a three-hour trip to check them out. And there's always a visit out to Catalina!

Other than that, I can't help you -- although I'm quite envious of you; I'd love to go back and visit my old friends near there!