Sunday, September 12, 2010

Of mice and cats... and squirrels

Who needs mouse traps when you have cats? Not us!

Yes, dear readers, once again I was greeted on my morning rounds with a dead mouse. A very dead mouse. So dead that I decided no picture this time. And two very nonchalant cats (though Flora, our 15-pound torbi, made sure to point it out, twice, in case I missed it).

After feeding the cats (apparently midnight mousing builds up quite an appetite) and giving them fresh water, and deciding to give a pass to photographing my dead furry friend, I went to the kitchen to don my hot pink latex gloves and grab some paper towel and multipurpose cleaner, came back downstairs, and quickly disposed of the mouse.

I then went up to my office to read the news (or what passes for news these days) and immediately came across this story on, about a cat that took in an orphaned baby squirrel... which now purrs.

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Here's wishing you all a mouse-free day.

(Reminder to self: Make sure husband closes the door to the garage tonight, and removes the "Rodents Welcome" mat.)

1 comment:

Amy N said...

At least yours catch them. Whisk feared a mouse on a glueboard. I have high hopes for the kittens though -- Jakob is training them with the Zhu Zhu pets.