Friday, September 17, 2010

Do I look like a cat bed?!

Apparently, the answer is "Yes!"

No sooner had I sat down to work yesterday morning, than our lanky black cat, Felix (who when stretched out is approximately three feet long), decided to make himself comfortable in my lap. While I was typing, or trying to. This lasted for at least a couple of hours. (I also had a picture of Felix bathing himself in my lap, but it didn't come out so good.)

Then later, after I finally managed to un-velcro Felix from my lap, wake up my legs, get dressed for the day, eat a little something, and return to work, he took up right where we had left off, making himself comfortable in my lap while I attempted to type and do research. (For the record, despite Felix, a very productive day.)

Ah to be a cat -- or be able to relax like a cat. I am convinced cats can sleep or nap anywhere, at any time. Whereas I am so stressed about work, I can hardly eat or sleep. But when Felix is curled up in my lap, it definitely alleviates some of the stress. It also reminds me of that famous, though apocryphal, line Johnny Carson spoke to Zsa Zsa Gabor when she supposedly came on The Tonight Show with a cat on her lap and asked Carson if he'd like to pet her pussy.


Anonymous said...

Cats are amazing how they can just curl up anywhere and take a snooze. Wish I could fall asleep like that at night. Why aren't the cats awake thinking of missed mouse opportunities, new strategies for bird catching? I want to be more catlike. I'm gonna start working on it this weekend.

Charlene said...

Well that is just sweet.

My old cat Smoke used to crawl up on the arm of my Lazy Boy and lay there for hours while I worked with the keyboard in my lap. It was a great way to work.

Anonymous said...


I meant that literally-they rule the roast, lap, whatever! It is their world, we are just the laps they chooooooose to bed down on!

larissa said...

Cats wanna be close
You always look like a bed
It's all about them