Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seventeen years ago today...

the spouse and I stood hand in hand in a little building in Kenilworth, Illinois, surrounded by friends and family. (Want to know how long 17 years is? Let's put it this way: there was no digital photography, the Internet was in its infancy, the spouse was a beta tester for something called email being rolled out by a little company called AOL, "mobile" phones were only mobile if you had strong arms and didn't mind carrying around a bag that felt like bricks, and people actually RSVP'd, via the mail.)

As I recall, there was a lot of hair (seriously, what was I thinking?!), a lot of music (the spouse and I referred to our wedding as "the benefit concert" because the spouse and nearly all of his friends were musicians at the time and got up on the stage and played for, oh, four hours, which is why there is maybe one picture of me dancing with him at our wedding), a lot of food (almost all of which was vegetarian, which my mother thought we were crazy to do at the time and which I was too busy and anxious to eat*), and a lot of Champagne (much of which sadly went to waste because one of the servers stupidly opened nearly all of it near the end of the reception without realizing the party was nearly over), and, oh yes, something about promising to love and honor each other. (Obey? Puh-lease. We wanted this marriage to work.)

Oh, and did I mention there was really great music?

Speaking of really great music, this would not be it, but it seems extremely appropriate considering that today we are celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary** and our fondness for The Flintstones. (Seriously, you describe a situation and the spouse and I can probably quote you something appropriate from a Flintstones episode.)

[H/T to the Spouse.]

Yabba dabba doo! Which means... Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart.

*After the party was over, and we had changed, the spouse and I made a beeline to our favorite deli/diner, The Belden, in Chicago. I had a turkey sandwich. Don't recall what the spouse, who was a vegetarian at the time, had. Sadly, The Belden closed many years ago. Thankfully, we are still going strong.

**As far as I know, neither of us bought the other a piece of furniture, the traditional gift for the 17th wedding anniversary -- and apparently we will have to wait until our 20th wedding anniversary to get those new plates we've been thinking about. (We still have the set of Dansk Bistrowear we got for our wedding, even though it's a little chipped and worn down -- like us!)


Little Miss Cupcake said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary!

Charlene said...

Congratulations! Happy Anniversary. We went to a restaurant that is now closed and the building turned into a funeral home, for our honeymoon. That's ok. We were happy!

Kendor said...

A the simple pleasures. I had a feta cheese omelette with home fries and a toasted bagel, and a glass of chocolate milk.

@Charlene...No funeral homes for us. We did have fun chasing down the perfect Creme Brûlée in the Loire valley on our honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Enjoy the day! We hit 15 this year. I, too, wore a dress with puffed sleeves. My hair was styled in a rather questionable way, at least according to my daughter. We have a video tape of our day, and our proofs arrived on paper. Rather shocking how much has changed in such a short time, yet so little.

- Amy

J. said...

@Little Miss Cupcake, Merci beaucoup! Maybe you will make us cupcakes for our 20th. :-)

@Charlene, Thanks for the good wishes and for commenting on my blog! How did you find me?

@Kendor, Creme Brulee? That must have been your previous or some other wife. On my honeymoon in Paris and the Loire Valley we were in search of the perfect Mocha Eclair. (Weeping now.)

@Amy, I hear ya. What are us big-haired gals to do? (Though since that picture was taken I have lost half the hair on my head -- as well as the desire to wear puffy sleeves.)

Melissa said...

Indeed, I remember your wedding very well. It was a beautiful day. Congratulations and best wishes for many more years to come.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations on 17 years of wedded bliss. Wishing you many, many more in good health.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY from the person who got the day wrong by 2 days! Everyone should be as happy as the 2 of you!

AlyssaGoodman said...

Happy Anniversary indeed!! I like the hair (really...)

Ange said...

I love the Flintstones! When I was a kid I sent a picture of Fred Flintstone to a kids' afterschool TV show. I actually POSTED it in the mail (in much the same way as wedding invitations were posted). The presenter was a really dishy young bloke called Andy and he said MY name on the telly!!

We've had television in NZ for 50 years this year so Andy appeared on a special documentary - all grown up, bald and wrinkly.

Happy anniversary :)

CBE said...

It was a beautiful wedding...very j20. good music, good food, lots of dancing, wonderful prairie building in (of all places) kenilworth, pink roses. In Chicago yesterday it was a perfect summer day much as it was 17 years ago. love to you both.

J. said...

Aw... thanks for all the kind words and good wishes, guys. You're all invited to our 20th Anniversary Party! (That is if we make it that long. ;-)