Sunday, July 4, 2010

Possibly the funniest cooking video ever (The return of the Muppets Swedish Chef)

I just found this video titled "The Muppets: Pöpcørn," featuring the Swedish Chef, on YouTube and had to share.

For those of you who are (or were) Muppets fans or who, like certain people I live with who shall not be named directly here (ahem) are, shall we say, not the the tidiest in the kitchen (four words: the Whoopie Pie Incident), you will love this video of the Muppets Swedish Chef attempting to make Popcorn Shrimp. (Let's just say the Swedish Chef will probably not be the Next Food Network Star.)

Note: Pay close attention to the captions.

In the words of the Swedish Chef: "Börk, börk, börk!"


EMM said...

Ja, ja, ja!!! Happy 4th!

Ange said...

I just knew someone was going to get hurt! (only I still haven't worked out exactly who). Loved the captions.

Dave S. said...

Toward the middle of the captioning the phrase "A moose bit my sister once" wandered into my head.

In the live action category I nominate Dan Aykroyd's Julia Child impersonation from Saturday Night Live.