Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Real men eat cupcakes

As I was driving back from taking J-THREE-O to camp this morning, I heard a piece on NPR about a (relatively) new cupcake bakery in NYC called Butch Bakery that "makes manly cupcakes for manly men." (Butch Bakery's tagline: "Where Butch Meets Buttercream.")

So what do "manly cupcakes for manly men" taste like? Apparently beer and bacon (albeit not in the same cupcake).

Actually, Butch Bakery currently sells 12 different kinds of manly cupcakes, about half of which are soaked in some kind of alcohol (rum, whiskey, kahlua, or beer), and two of which include bacon. Note: Manly men apparently also like pretzels and peanut butter in their cupcakes.

Interestingly, as the NPR story noted, despite the butch message, it's mostly been (manly?) women buying the cupcakes.

Man enough to try a Butch cupcake for yourself? Well, if you live outside of New York City, you're out of luck. As for those of you with a Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens address (sorry Bronx and Staten Island residents), you can order a box via the Butch Bakery website. (A storefront is in the offing, but no word as to where or when it will open.)

Note: Hey, David Arrick, how about a round for writing such a nice blog post (totally unsolicited) about your bakery? ;-)

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Little Miss Cupcake said...

Love the concept of Butch Bakery -- have been following news of them for a while now. Such a smart idea and their cupcakes look cute (er, sorry, butch!). Pls. let me know what they taste like if you get a box. Their flavors sound delicious and I love the names!