Monday, January 12, 2009

Who will be the First Bitch?

I'm talking dog, people. Really. The thoughts that go through your minds...

For those who haven't heard, the Obamas have narrowed down their dog selection to a labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog. And per the President Elect's promise, they are going to look for the First Pooch-to-Be in a shelter. (Good luck with that.)

Personally, I am rooting for the Portuguese water dog. I think it is in many ways the perfect dog for Barack Obama, his family, and the Nation.

Like Obama, the Portuguese water dog is somewhat exotic and rare, independent, intelligent, and a hard worker and herder of Congresspeople -- I mean sheep. I mean... Oh never mind.

In any case, the dog sounds like a good choice to me.

On the other hand, the labradoodle.... Go on. Say "labradoodle." Labradoodle. Is this any dog for the President of the United States? Also labradoodles are not necessarily hypoallergenic.

So I say, just say "no" to designer dogs, Mr. President Elect, and go with the Portuguese water dog (if those are your only two choices).

To read more about the quest for the First Dog, check out this short, funny post from yesterday's The Caucus, the New York Times' political blog, from Sharon Otterman. (Hmm. I wonder if she is partial to Otterhounds....)


Dave S. said...

Good for the Obamas for checking at a shelter. If, by "good luck with that" you mean they will have trouble finding a PWD, you might be surprised at the variety and number of purebred dogs that show up there. There are also breed-specific rescue outfits, although I am not aware of one for PWDs.

Also, not all shelter dogs have abuse-related issues. There are, unfortunately, many roads leading there, and I cannot think of one not paved by human stupidity and/or cruelty. Were I to encounter the person/people who mistreated our Gracie before we adopted her, I would haul them to the DC Animal Shelter and have them share a cage for a night with some of the inmates.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your choice.

I like rare, independent, intelligent, hard working, and… the Portuguese water dog is needed to “herd” those in D.C., so that they “hear” the American people.

Thank you for sharing. I just love seeing the pictures of the doggies. :)

J. said...

I am with you all the way, Dave, in that I am 100% for adopting a dog from a shelter whenever possible (and that people who are cruel to dogs should be put in a cage, or worse). However, I didn't think there were a lot of pure-breed puppies to be found in shelters, particularly hard-to-find ones.

Thanks for the comment.

marindenver said...

Both of those dog types are big and rambunctious! Michelle better keep them away from all the heirloom treasures in the White House.

Another place to look for rescue purebred dogs is organizations that rescue puppy mill dogs. My daughter is a volunteer with a non-profit organization called National Mill Dog Rescue and they do a great job of rescuing the dogs, rehabilitating them and placing them with forever homes.

J. said...

Those are two EXCELLENT points, Marindenver! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dogs are animals, no matter where from or what type. My parents bought a labradoodle because they were said to be calm and great with kids and came close to returning it because of worrisome snapping and incessant barking.

She seems to have calmed down a great deal, but it isn't a given that either of the varieties in consideration will work in every home setting.

I met a mut mix from a local pound a few weeks ago who was the star of a 30 person party. She was only 9 months, yet visited each person, calm as a cucumber and friendly as can be. She sat with us and seemed delighted to have company. There is no way my parents labradoodle would have done that! She would have been barking and anxious.

EMM said...

I'm not a big fan of poodles or poodlesque pups. They've always reminded me of bad perms on little old ladies.

God bless the shelter workers and thier charges. It must be a mixed blessing job everyday.

Dave S. said...

EMM, I used to feel the same way about poodles, and still do as far as the toy ones are concerned. However, Standard Poodles are pretty cool and quite athletic, and their owners tend not to tart them up too much.

larissa said...

We've gone to the dogs
A Portuguese water dog...
How 'bout a rescue?