Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank you for last night, Mike Birbiglia. You were awesome.

That gal (or was it a guy?) who said you were "pudgy and awkward"? Well, maybe you are, a little, but I found it kinda cute -- and sexy. You were... what's the word... masterful. I'm so glad I came.

Oh, and dinner at the Double Crown? It was amazing. Absolutely delicious. So unusual. Beautiful room, and the service was great. Great choice, honey.

And Mike Birbiglia, if you are reading this, and there's a good chance you are as you said you always Google yourself and have a Google Alert, I loved the show. And boy am I glad my husband doesn't sleepwalk -- and that we both didn't have nightmares about flying jackals or bears last night. Thanks a lot. Oh, and we both hope that malignant tumor didn't come back and that you don't go through any more windows. (But really, folks, I promise you, Mike's show will have you laughing so hard you'll cry. Swear.)

People reading this blog post, especially if you are in the greater New York City area (or will be in the next few weeks) and appreciate funny, smart monologues, go see Mike Birbiglia in "Sleepwalk with Me" at the Bleecker Street Theatre -- and have dinner at the Double Crown at 316 Bowery beforehand (or after).

Oh and Mike Birbiglia, if you are reading this, and wondering who the heck I am, or, you know, want to leave a comment thanking me for coming to your show and recommending it to my friends/readers, like you asked, I was the cute little brunette with the blue-green eyes at the end of Row E, in the black jacket and black turtleneck. ; )

I know! You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

I'm on pins and needles... Did your husband tell you how good you looked?

J. said...

Ow, that sounds painful, Indy-Anna.

Ya know, I don't recall if he did. I think so. But he made me FEEL wonderful and beautiful, and that's what really matters. ; )

EMM said...

Sounds like you and Mr. J had a great night. Enjoy a lazy Sunday!

Mike Birbiglia said...

done.and thank YOU.

david said...

I too be lovin' me some Mike Birbiglia

Glad you enjoyed the show.