Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So who will play Rod Blagojevich in the made-for-TV movie?

I think you will agree with me that there is only one actor who has the over-the-top personality and the hair to play Rod Blagojevich. And that man is... No, not Rod Blagojevich, despite what he told "Access Hollywood." It's Tom Cruise. To quote from Risky Business, "This man could use a guy like Tom."

Think about it, who else could possibly combine the stoic heroism of Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jefferson Smith with a soup├žon of psychopathic charm? Only Tom Cruise.

And, in another bit of casting genius, I think the producers should get Tom Cruise's wife, actress Katie Holmes, to play Blago's wife, Patti Blagojevich. Heck, why not throw in Suri Cruise to play Blago's younger daughter, Anne? (Though Suri may be a bit young to play the part and not interested in pursuing the family business.)

Lights! Camera! Impeachment!


Little Miss Cupcake said...

Good call! They could pass for a separated at birth story!

Betty Cracker said...

I could see Cruise pulling off the Blago role, but I think Mrs. B should be portrayed by one of the lesser Arquettes. Doesn't matter which one.

Did you see Blago on Rachel Maddow last night? He is so toast.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny, but I think the actor to play spoof version would be Tim
Matthieson--they almost look the same!

J. said...

Excellent suggestions, Betty and Anonymous!

And no, I didn't see RM last night, but I saw a couple clips on "Morning Joe" this morning. She got him good.

Barker said...

I think Month from the 3 Stooges. Compare pix with Blago and he's a dead (very dead) ringer.

Barker said...

Oops, that was supposed to say "Mo." Friggin autotext on the crackberry!

Dave S. said...

Laura and I tried watching RM v. Blago last night but it was just too painful.

My choice for Blago would be Steve Carell but Cruise would be better. Great call.

For Mrs. B I would cast any and all Arquettes and use them variably from scene to scene, with perhaps the final scene using all of them Greek chorus style. What the hell - it's already theater of the absurd!

Or perhaps cast all of the Baldwin brothers opposite all of the Arquettes.

Or perhaps I should lie down.

J. said...

I figured you meant, Moe, Barker. Good one!

And yes, do lie down, Dave.
; ) Though I love the idea of casting a Baldwin and an Arquette in the title roles.

Anonymous said...

I vote for John Travolta. Blago looks more like him.

Danny said...

Great call. If anyone can bring unintentional comedy on a megalomania scale, it's Cruise. And Jeebus. That hair cut on Cruise is wigging me out.

David said...

I still think Meryl Streep would be an excellent Rod Blago, with a wig of course.

J. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Danny.

And David, that is a brilliant and very funny suggestion, though Streep may be a bit too old to play Blago at this point. Maybe an older Serbian relative?

EMM said...

I think he should play himself. He's already cried poor me...he could use the money. Plus, with all of his poetry recitation we know he'll easily be able to memorize scripts/lines.

I do like the Baldwin/Arquette casting suggestion.