Monday, January 26, 2009

J-TWO-O: A deliciously refreshing blog and fruit drink! PLUS: Blago, Gillibrand, Thain, and high fives for Obama!

Imagine my surprise the other day when I Googled "J-TWO-O," to see what other blogs or sites may have picked up on my latest musings, and discovered that not only am I a deliciously refreshing blog, but I am also a deliciously refreshing (and exotic) fruit drink!

Indeed, according to Britvic, the maker of J2O the deliciously refreshing fruit drink (as opposed to J-TWO-O the deliciously refreshing blog, which I manufacture):
  • Seven bottles of J20 are sold every second (I assume in the UK, which is the main market for J2O the beverage, though apparently it is also sold in Chicago); and
  • J20 is now the second biggest bottled drink sold in pubs after Budweiser (Budweiser?! Come on you Brits! Even Foster's has better drinkability than Bud.)
Sigh. If only seven people read this blog every second -- or this blog was the second biggest after the Huffington Post, the number one blog in terms of traffic or ranking on Technorati (which, btw, is a sham -- Technorati, not the Huffington Post, which I think is great. And Arianna, if you are reading this, email me! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to write or blog for the Huffington Post!)

I have to admit, while I love a good exotic fruit drink (particularly one made with mango, while relaxing on a warm beach with a good book), I am a wee bit disappointed that I am not the only J-TWO-O out there. (Hmm... I wonder if Britvic would come after me if I started using that bottle as my icon...) Well, I guess it's not as bad as being one of 27 Jennifers, which, btw, is a great song, which you should listen to. Now.

And in the news and on the 'Net today: Coming to a city near you, the Rod "Cuckoo" Blagojevich Media Tour, including an interview with Amy Robach on Today (where he compares himself to Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King, Jr.) and a turn on The View (this morning, because Whoopi Goldberg seemed more sympathetic than those mean state senators in Illinois)! Hey kids, it's way more fun than attending your own impeachment trial.... And how about newly appointed New York Senator Kirsten "I [heart] David Paterson!" Gillibrand?! I cannot believe NO ONE commented on her planting a big wet kiss on the NY Gov last week after she accepted the appointment! And this just in: Did you hear that former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain is repaying the $1.2 million he spent to redecorate his office? Now you have! Lastly, if you have not seen this great video titled "High-Five Inauguration" do so now:

Well, that's it for me for today. Back to work...


Dave S. said...

Now I know why I burp after reading your posts!

You give the Brits a tough choice between a beer "brewed" by former British colonists* and a beer brewed by former British convicts.

*Unless they mean the original Czech Budweiser (Budvar, I think).

jjv said...

In other drinking news the bar behind my office tells me that Fat Tire refuses to expand to the East Coast but one distributor is starting to test a similiar beer on the East Coast this spring to show them they are foolish.

J. said...

But do or will they carry J20, jjv?

EMM said...

Love the high-five. We had a topiary donkey and washington monuments in our lobby...political topiary is ALL the rage!

The "big headed" Abe is featured...he gets to win, not like my Teddy.

Your blog is cool and refreshing!

Fat Tire...mmmm. Also cool and refreshing!