Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shark Week + Cat + YouTube =

Shark Cat Video!

I don't know about the rest of you, but that video, titled "Shark Week. #SharkCat cleaning Kitchen!" [seriously, people, get yourselves a style manual; the editor in me is cringing*] raises a lot of questions for me as a cat owner, namely...

1. There are really shark costumes for cats? Really?

2. How on Earth did she get that cat into a shark costume? (And apparently, this is not the first time.)

3. Was that cat on drugs? I cannot imagine any cat lasting more than a few seconds on a Roomba (or iRobot), or in a shark costume. (See question 2.)

4. Is there really a #SharkCat meme?**

Also, what is the fascination with Shark Week? All I can say is those sharks have a really good PR firm. (Seals take note.)

*It should be "Shark Week: #SharkCat Cleaning Kitchen!" or "Shark Week: #SharkCat cleans kitchen!"

**Yes, there is.


Anonymous said...

All the improbabilities aside, how great is that.

Another David S. said...

What...? Why...? How...? I just...

Ah, hell. You had me at "cat in a shark costume." And I hate myself for it.