Thursday, August 22, 2013

Farm living is the life for me

I'm not ready to move to Hooterville just yet, but I do love the idea of being a farmer -- if only for a day.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the big city, but I have always loved visiting farms. Watching nature in action...

Meeting the chickens who laid the eggs I had for breakfast...

Seeing where my vegetables come from...

(I'd like to see Peter Piper pick a peck of purple peppers!)

And -- KITTY!

(That is one of the two new ferocious barn cats Katie and Amanda over at Amber Waves Farm hired. Pretty terrifying, eh?)

A big THANK YOU to the folks at Quail Hill Farm (where I took all the butterfly and flower photos as well as the chicken shots) and to Katie, Amanda, Emma, and Abby over at Amber Waves Farm for letting us play farmer for a day -- and for all the delicious vegetables. 

And if you don't already, please support your local farmer -- either through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), going to your local farmer's market, or buying local.

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Alex Zorach said...

I love the photographs.

One thing I love about gardening is how it attracts insects, like the butterflies pictured here. My girlfriend and I did the landscaping for a small bed in front of her urban apartment building, and last night we discovered a praying mantis eating aphids that were eating one of the flowers. I love how growing things can support a whole ecosystem.

I also noticed your carrot photo...I discovered the diversity of colors of carrots a few years ago when I started shopping at the Clark Park Farmer's Market in West Philadelphia. Prior to this I had only eaten orange carrots...but I started regularly buying the carrots of different colors, including raspberry-red colored ones, dark purple, light orange, white, yellow, and even some with substantial green tops. Each color / variety tastes subtly different! And I love how I can use them to achieve a color contrast with my achieving a rainbow-colored dish made mostly of carrots, or choosing a particular color to put in a soup or salad to contrast with what else is present.

I love the taste of some of them too! It makes me realize how much has been lost in the industrialization / standardization of our food supply in the U.S. I'm glad that there's a move back towards traditional farming.