Thursday, August 15, 2013

"It's time for the Weiner to pull out."

For those of you who, unlike me, do not live in greater New York City area, and do not have to constantly hear about and/or see former New York Congressman and current candidate for New York City Mayor Anthony Weiner, consider yourselves lucky. (I don't even live in New York City, and I am already suffering from election fatigue.)

Frankly, I do not know what it will take for sextaholic Anthony Weiner to pull out... of the New York City mayoral race. Probably a limp showing in the primary, which is on September 10. But I appreciate -- and got a good chuckle out of -- this impassioned plea from Brad Benson, the owner of Brad Benson Hyundai (and a former tackle for the New York Giants), who is known for his own racy, pun-filled ads, calling for Weiner to pull out now.

Bet a lot of New Yorkers are regretting term limits about now, Mayor Bloomberg.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the title of this post! Still chuckling!

Anonymous said...

Soo punny!!!! Love it!!!

On a serious note: Weiner doesn't get my vote because of the gross behavior, but the cover up or attempt to hide and obfuscate the truth.

Do any of these guys EVER learn that it is the cover-up that gets them-ask Nixon.

Not to mention AFTER being caught HE CONTINUED TO DO THE SAME BEHAVIOR!!!! How steep is your learning curve Anthony????

How dumb do you think I am???

Please go away!