Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Joy of Chicken?

So as many of you know, the teenager has gotten really into cooking, insisting on cooking us dinner every night. (Check out her popular food blog, Yes to Yummy, which has way more Facebook fans than I have. Sniff.)

As a result of her new love, she is constantly ordering cookbooks. And yesterday, this little gem, titled Fifty Shades of Chicken (by FL Fowler) showed up:


Let me just say, this is not your mother's cookbook. (Though it could be my mother's cookbook. Hi Mom!)

And while the cover says it is "a parody in a cookbook," the book does provide 50 mouth-watering, finger-licking-good recipes, as well as instruction on various techniques for making sure your bird is moist and tender. (While no cooking virgin, I had no idea what spatchcocking was, until I read Fifty Shades of Chicken. Thank you, FL Fowler.)

Truss me, people. Once you've read Fifty Shades of Chicken, you'll never look at breasts and thighs the same way again.

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