Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't ask, don't get

[Alternate title: Would it kill you to buy a t-shirt?]

As many of you know, I recently launched my first ecommerce business, a clothing line called Prepster Pineapple. The brand and logo were the brainchild of my teenage daughter (who has since turned her attention to food blogging), who loved the idea of mom turning her doodle of a cute, preppy pineapple-headed Hawaiian boy (at left) into a line of clothing for teens and tweens.

Since launching, I have learned that writing about small business (my day job) is waaaaay easier than creating and running a small business, especially a clothing brand.

Indeed, in the past few months alone I have re-shot all the website photos (most of which were taken on the Big Island of Hawaii and feature local teenage surfers), added a blog, and launched my first PR campaign (which landed Prepster Pineapple in the New York Times, as well as several other newspapers, and in the upcoming back-to-school issue of Girls' Life magazine).

I've also added new products, like these adorable Prepster Pineapple 100% Cotton Bucket Hats (available in White and Khaki)...

and these very stylish, vintage-looking, 100% cotton, garment-dyed Aloha t-shirts for him...

and the Aloha tee for her...

So why is this post titled "Don't ask, don't get"? Because I need your help getting the word out about Prepster Pineapple. And as anyone in marketing will tell you, a recommendation or referral from a friend or colleague is worth more than any ad.

So whether you have already bought a Prepster Pineapple t-shirt or a Prepster Pineapple polo shirt (in which case, THANK YOU), know someone who would look sweet in a Prepster Pineapple t-shirt or polo shirt (And who wouldn't? They are awesome) or bucket hat (Don't go out in the sun without one!), or want to help out your old friend J., please take a minute to tell your friends about Prepster Pineapple and like the Prepster Pineapple page on Facebook.


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