Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Irony, now available in cans and bottles

When I first saw this new ad for Coca-Cola on obesity, I thought it must be a joke.

But the new Coke ad, titled "Coming Together," is the real thing, baby. And it is a joke.

Coke's claim: by adding artificial sweeteners and offering consumers smaller serving sizes, it is fighting obesity, which, by the way, the American Medical Association just recognized as a disease (albeit an easily preventable one, if you don't drink sodas like Coke and Sprite and Fanta).

The problem: artificial sweeteners have been closely tied to obesity and Type 2 diabetes, and are worse for you than sugar. Instead of satisfying your sweet craving, artificial sweeteners make you crave sweets and rewire your taste receptors to dislike healthier, not sweet foods. Which is why so many folks who guzzle Diet Coke and other diet beverages wind up gaining rather than losing weight.

I know. When I met the spouse over 20 years ago, I was a Diet Coke addict -- and weighed almost 30 pounds more than I do now, even though I exercised every other day. When I gave up diet soda (and other "diet" processed foods), I immediately lost 10 pounds. (And when I kicked out sugar and pasta and white bread, I lost another 10 pounds.)

So if you really want to fight obesity, folks, avoid Coca-Cola and other artificially or otherwise sweetened beverages (such as Crystal Light, which is almost as addictive and as bad for you as crystal meth) and stick to water.

And remember, Coke doesn't add life. It just adds pounds.


Another David S. said...

Preach it, Kuz. I've been griping about diet drinks and artificial sweeteners for pretty much my entire life. It's been both gratifying and depressing to see that science suggests these things have the opposite of their intended effect. If you're going to go for something sweet, then go for it, I say. But don't have as much. It's always worked for me, and we know what a sweet tooth I have. ;-)

EMM said...

I've been drinking diet coke since high school and now weigh only 10 lbs more than I did in college.

Everything in moderation (vats of soda should not be a serving). In my opinion portion control and a balanced diet are keys to a healthier lifestyle.

When I was in a heavier state for a few years, it was not due to diet coke...those 35 lbs were due to over eating/stress eating.

J. said...

@EMM, after David's post, I was going to comment "everything in moderation." Thanks for saying it for me. :-) So true. And while diet soda on its own will not make you fat, the fact that it makes you crave sweets and dislike non-sweet foods is disturbing.