Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am so leading the wrong life

As some of you may know, I have a thing for cars -- elegant, classic, sporty, expensive cars that can easily go from 0 to 60 in seconds. The kind of car you would expect Cary Grant to be driving around the French Riviera or James Bond to drive anywhere. (My Aston Martin obsession is well documented.)

Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to look through one of my many photo books and not see a photo of some gorgeous classic car (or several cars) I spied and had to take a picture of.

So you can imagine my delight at finally being able to attend the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance, one of the world's great classic, sports, and touring car shows, this weekend.

I felt like a kid in a candy story. Or, in this case, a Mercedes G3.

(I nearly had to haul some old geezer who got stuck in the driver's seat out of the car so I could have my picture taken in it. I'm not proud. But this is as close to driving a Mercedes G3 that I will probably ever get.)

Here are some of my favorite cars* from the 2013 Greenwich Concours d'Elegance.

First up, a lovely silver Aston Martin DB5 Vantage (sadly, minus Sean Connery). 

I was also rather fond of the classic Porsches, particularly this red Porsche 356A convertible...

And this gorgeous cream-colored Porsche Carrera Speedster.

Porsche, there is no substitute.

Except maybe this stunning forest green Jaguar XK 150S. Me-owrrr!

(One of my fondest memories growing up is of my father having to lend me his brand-new chestnut brown Jaguar the summer after I graduated high school, when I was 17 and had just gotten my driver's license, and toodling around Southampton in it while he had to drive the Oldsmobile he rented, not realizing you had to be 25 to drive a rental car.)

I also would have happily driven off with this gorgeous Mercedes-Benz 190SL convertible.

Until next year...

*Or, more accurately, cars that I was able to get a good or decent photograph of. Many of the cars were so close together, with people hovering around them or with that annoying yellow rope right in front, that it was impossible to get a good picture. I also didn't want this post to go on and on, though I could have easily posted a few more pics from the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance, like this photo of the black 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing...


Tube said...

love the car post.
But I'd take a XK120 over an XK150 any day ;-)

J. said...

@Tube, there was a lovely 1954 Jaguar XK120 Roadster there. But alas, I was unable to get a good photograph of it. (That was sadly true of many of the cars I coveted.)

larissa said...

a bunch of beauties
you're looking good in silver
can you say vroom vroom

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - how many hours goes into preparing these cars...Especially the wire wheels on the Jaguar and Aston Martin ! A Labour of love !