Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tattoo it like Beckham?

For those who haven't beheld the very chiseled David Beckham running, swimming, jumping and kicking a football (aka soccer ball) in his skivvies, here you go.

You're welcome, ladies. Consider that an early Valentine's Day present.

(So guys, do you think Beckham did all his own stunts -- or did he have a body double? If the former, all I can say is WOW.)

There is no denying that Mr. Beckham, seen above advertising his new line of David Beckham Bodyware for H&M*, is a fine specimen of manhood. But I cannot get past all those tattoos, which (to me at least) are a major distraction -- and turnoff.

I just don't get why someone, especially someone who takes pride in his body, would wish to deface it like that. Though of course most people getting tattoos don't see it that way. One little tattoo? Okay, I can kind of get that. But having someone permanently ink you all over? Maybe there's something addictive in tattoo ink that compels users to keep going back for more.

Or maybe I'm just a cranky old woman who doesn't appreciate "art."

Oh, hold on a sec. There's something going on outside.

Hey, David Beckham! Get off my lawn!

*So if I buy some of this here bodyware for the spouse for Valentine's Day, will he look like David Beckham?

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Sugar Daze said...

WOOOOOW!! Thanks and happy Valentine's Day!