Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pardon me...

So the spouse and I were watching something or other the other night and happened to catch the new Grey Poupon commercial, "The Lost Footage," which purportedly reveals the aftermath of that famous original Rolls-Royce to Rolls-Royce Grey Poupon exchange, which pretty much put Grey Poupon mustard on the map (or, in this case, table).

Our immediate reaction? WTF?! That has got to be one of the strangest -- or weirdest or most out there -- ads we've ever seen. Which is saying a lot.

And the really weird thing? Grey Poupon isn't the only brand that had re-edited an old commercial, or gone retro. Check out this new retro ad for Herbal Essences.

(Here's the original Herbal Essences airplane ad, for those who are interested.)

Did someone bring back the 1980s and forget to tell me?


Anonymous said...

And, if you can bear to watch American Idol anymore, they decked the girls out with '80s hair!!! OMG, if anything should NOT return from the '80s, it's gotta be the hair!


Anonymous said...

Cleese is the man!!!!!

Steven Friedlander said...

In both of these cases: Some ideas are better left in the '80s. And to one's imagination. Neither of these are funny and particularly well produced or executed. I say "Feh" to both and suggest the ad agencies be fired forthwith. Hire some talent! Where is real wit and wisdom these days? Where? Not here, he said, with great sadness.