Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gay and atheist presidents didn't get us into the war in Iraq or the financial crisis

Love this video from Second City titled "The Partisans: Rick Perry -- Weak, man."

Beware God-fearing vagina penetrators!

[H/T Balloon Juice]


Anonymous said...

Well, our only possible gay President sent guns South so that the coming Rebellion that he did nothing to stop could have more weaponry. James Buchanan, no vagina penetrator.

Al Queda and Saddam Hussein got us into wars not George Bush.

Finally, Atheists brought you the Soviet Union. Good one guys.

Anonymous said...

Also the number one individual who "turned your mortgage into toilet paper" and stopped GWB from reforming Fannie and Freddie before they went south is named Barney Frank. 'nuff said.

Pat said...

Hilarious! Can't wait to show it to my atheist spouse!

Dave S. said...

Anonymous, you have certainly put the kibosh on this formerly virulently pro-Buchanan blog. I do eagerly await your explanation of how Saddam Hussein started the 2003 war, and will allow you to use up to three extra crayons to do so.

Finally, Christians brought us the 30 Years War, the Inquisition and the 700 Club. So, in the spirit of your comment, nyah nyah nyah.

Your adherence to talking points is, no, admirable isn't the word for it, hmmm...