Thursday, July 28, 2011

Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio vs. Darth Vader iPhone repair

Tired of hearing about the debt ceiling? Depressed by politics as usual? Work? All those back-to-school ads in July? Here are some things to make you smile again.

First up, Isaiah Mustafa (aka The Old Spice Guy) goes Mano a Mano against "Italian model" Fabio (Lanzoni) to see who will be the next Old Spice spokesmodel.

Part of me is tempted to vote for Fabio, who is, like, 55? 60? now. (That must be some portrait he has in his attic.) But my armpits belong to Isaiah Mustafa.

Also worth a viewing, this brilliant (albeit slightly warped) video from comedian Mark Malkoff to determine exactly how far the Apple Store's customer service (or hospitality) extends. FYI, the segment titled "Darth Vader iPhone Repair," at 2:02, is hands-down my favorite.

Finally, getting back to our political crisis du jour, here's yet another reason Republicans need to vote on raising the debt ceiling:


Labgoddess said...

Darth Vader iPhone repair rocks!

Anonymous said...

Lurv me some Darth!

Dave S. said...

Here's a clue re the winner:
Night vision top hat

Shame on the Apple Store staff for not immediately asking DV "Aren't you a little short for a Sith Lord?"