Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do you know my good friend, Tina Fey?

So last night at dinner my mother and stepdad are telling this story about their friend and neighbor "Alec," who was seated next to my mom at a recent dinner party. After politely chatting with a handful of female admirers, he turns to my mother (whom he has known for years) and asks her where she's from. And she says "a suburb of Philadelphia." Alec presses her for the name. She tells him, and Alec says, "I have a good friend from around there, Tina Fey!" (I will let you all guess who "Alec" is.) Only in the Hamptons...


<-> said...

Does your mother not own a TV? I have recently gotten back into watching 30 Rock. It really is brilliant. I need to have dinner with your mother more often. *lol*

larissa said...

Do you know Alec?
I've never met an Alec.
An Alex maybe.