Saturday, February 19, 2011

Americans more concerned about NFL lockout than government shutdown?

I don't know for sure which issue concerns Americans more: a possible NFL lockout or a possible government shutdown (or Britney Spears' infomercial for her latest song, "Hold It Against Me," which is causing quite a stir).

Football fans are a pretty passionate bunch. So I wouldn't be the least surprised if it was true that Americans are more worried about a possible NFL lockout than they are about a government shutdown. Indeed, while there is at least one website devoted to preventing an NFL lockout,, I am not aware of any similar sites calling on Americans to prevent a government shutdown, due to the current budget impasse. But do correct me if I am wrong.

But what do J-TWO-O readers think is the more pressing issue, a possible NFL lockout or a possible government shutdown? Or Britney Spears' video for "Hold It Against Me"?

To find out, please take the following (totally anonymous) poll.

Which concerns you the most?

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