Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top 3 Super Bowl XLV ads

Come on, admit it, half (or three-quarters) of the reason you watch the Super Bowl is for the ads. As per usual, most of this year's Super Bowl ads disappointed. (Actually, I thought this year's Super Bowl ads SUCKED -- and were needlessly violent, creepy, and/or inappropriate or offensive.) But I felt these three were blog worthy.

First up, Volkswagen's "The Force" ad for the Passat (which has over 13 million views on YouTube, over 12.7 million of which were before the Big Game):

[Click here to see a short interview with the boy who would be Vader, who looks exactly like a young Luke Skywalker.]

Next, even though I am neither a Justin Bieber nor an Ozzy Osborne fan, I thought this Best Buy spot was amusing:

But perhaps my favorite Super Bowl ad (which I'm not 100 percent sure actually aired during the Super Bowl) is Old Spice's new Scent Vacation ad featuring the Man Your Man Could Smell (but Probably Never Look) Like, Isaiah Mustafa.

[I don't care if this ad is basically like all the other Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice ads, I still like it.]

Honorable mentions to Bud Light, Volkswagen (the Black Beetle ad), and to CarMax (though the spouse thought it was "a lame commercial").

FYI, to see more Super Bowl XLV ads, and how they rate, go here.

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The Daily Del Franco said...

Has anyone seen Eminem's soul this morning? Oh, that's right he sold it to Chrysler last night.