Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh the things people search online for...

and somehow wind up on this blog.

Following are some of my favorite search terms or keywords that brought people to J-TWO-O:

"let cupcake seduce you with her naughty spandex dance"

[Best wishes to Cupcake, but I do not recall putting up her video clip. Though my spandex post is quite popular. ]

"did you ever blow up a frog with firecrackers"

[I blame this entirely on the spouse, and this post.]

"sex cucumbers"

[Very popular in N.E. Pennsylvania, apparently.]

"smurf balloon tutorial"

[Really, there are smurfs giving tutorials about balloons? Who knew?!]

"the great gazoo jumped the shark"

[So true. As did Karl Rove.]

There were also many (and I mean MANY) people who came looking for Spanx for men or underwear that would enhance their penis (or versions of these); people who wanted to know model Brooklyn Decker's bra size and/or people looking for hot female golfers; people who wanted to know more about Mike Pelfrey's hand-licking; and people looking for that Peak Freans jingle ("Peak Freans are a very serious cookie...").

Now you know.


Dan said...

You can't fool us, J. We know your nickname is Cupcake.

Little Miss Cupcake said...

This was an eye opener! A girl I follow on Twitter was “found” via the search “party in my nut cup,” which always makes me laugh.