Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Male sea lion goes out with a bang

This story gives new meaning to the phrase "Be like Mike." ; )

For those of you who, like me, missed the story about Mike, the 19-year-old 550-pound California sea lion stud whose heart gave out while enjoying the charms of not one, not two, but three female sea lions at the Nuremberg Zoo in Germany last week, allow me (and the Daily Mail) to share.

According to the zoo, Mike was a "good-natured" fellow who was quite popular with the ladies -- and sired 12 sea lions over the years. However, a recent marathon mating session with paramours Farah, Tiffy, and Soda proved to be too much for the old fellow, and his ticker gave out.

When asked about their former lover, Farah, Tiffy, and Soda were quoted as saying "Aar, aar, aar."

Rest in peace, Mike.


Dave S. said...

The articla also notes that the California-born (natch) Mike enjoyed close contact with dolphins. Perv.

Dan said...

At least he died for a porpoise.

David said...

Isn't that pretty much every guy's dream to go out in the midst of a wild and crazy sexual orgy?

larissa said...

Funny boy comments
Distracted me from my own
Look - shiny object!

Dave S. said...

This could also put a harpoon into the whole "fish is good for your heart" thing.