Thursday, July 23, 2009

¡Ay Chihuahua! This summer is setting a record for celebrity deaths!

It has gotten to the point that every week I expect to hear that yet another famous person died. And this week did not disappoint (if that is the right term -- hey, it's 6 a.m. and I've been up since around 4).

As you may have already heard or read, this Tuesday a true icon, beloved and recognized by millions, suffered a major stroke and passed away. No, I am not talking about Frank McCourt, the author of Angela's Ashes, who died this past Sunday. I am referring to, of course, Gidget, the feisty 15-year-old chihuahua who was the star of countless Taco Bell ads (even though the chihuahua in the ads was supposedly male) and the movie Legally Blonde 2.

"She made so many people happy," said Sue Chipperton, Gidget's trainer. Si.

Adios amiga.


TommyMac71 said...

I wonder how many burritos she will make and if they will be given "gold level" pricing -- like the better seats at ball games???

Little Miss Cupcake said...
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Little Miss Cupcake said...

I actually got to carress her once in-person over cocktails at an advertising gala where Taco Bell's agency was being awarded for advertising effectiveness. Hasta Luego TB Gidget.

Anonymous said...


EMM said...

J, you beat me to the punch. I don't admit it to many people, but I too love Taco Bell. If I get a craving, it will last for days. I put it into my "gross, but good" category of food.

Hope you're enjoying your vacation!