Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What, me gamble? You betcha!

Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I'm playing hooky today (just for a few hours). Me and my good buddy G. are going native -- Native American that is, and are about to head up to Mohegan Sun for a little blackjack, slots, and drinks at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. Woohoo!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Mohegan Sun Casino and Hotel, this is exactly what it's like:

I got my cute little pink and green dress on and everything.

Gotta motor, but don't worry. I'll be back in plenty of time to write my weekly American Idol post. Going to be a hot three-way tonight, babies, with Adam on top!

UPDATED 4:25 P.M.: Well, I still have my shirt, but not much else. I won over $60 on the slots this morning. And was doing really good for a while at blackjack (up over $100 at one point -- not bad for an hour's work). When we broke for lunch at 12 noon, I was even.

Unlike our other forays to the Sun, however, there was no pre-noon drinking -- or afternoon imbibing for that matter. Not sure why. And this afternoon's blackjack table was a DISASTER. G. lost her vig and stopped playing by 1:45. A very bad sign as she almost always brings home a couple hundred or more than she came with.

I still had a pile of chips, so kept playing, and was doing OK until the guy in the Red Sox polo shirt decided to "coach" me. He was technically right re playing the odds, but thanks to his helpful advice about doubling down and splitting, I lost about $80 in five minutes. He felt so bad, he offered me some of his chips, but I said "thanks but no thanks" and walked away.

I found G., who was playing the slots -- and wound up winning another $20 or so. And then we had to dash as it was raining and we had to get our kids from their after-school activities. (Normally G. teaches CCD Tuesday afternoons, good Catholic that she is, but she didn't this afternoon. : )

In total, including lunch, I was down around $80 for the day, but I've lost more -- way more -- and not had nearly so much fun. Until next time...


TommyMac71 said...

play #11 on the roulette table for me!

have fun and find the odds that Ollie Perez ever wins another game.

Anonymous said...


Dave S. said...

Luck be a lady, uh, this morning!

Gambling/cocktail report before AI post, please.

Dave S. said...

Well, that's what you get for a) trusting a Red Sox fan and b) not drinking while gambling. The lack of CCD is also A Sign.

Anonymous said...

Letting a Red Sox guy 'coach' you???? What is up with that? On what planet (besides Bean Town) is that the right move????

Anonymous said...

Slots is NOT gambling Jenny.

J. said...

Next time, Tommy. Better yet, next time come with us. : ) As for Ollie, never is a long time, but the odds don't look good for him coming back and winning any time soon.

The gambling report is up, Dave. Wish it was better. Still got my shirt, but not much else. : ( And yes, BIG mistake a) not drinking and b) trusting a Red Sox fan. (The place was swarming with them today. What gives?) And I'll make sure G. is teaching CCD next time we go.

And if playing the slots isn't gambling, Anonymous, what is it?

TommyMac71 said...

So there was a streaker at the Mets game. Fan dives into 2nd base between innings.

According to several reports on Twitter, the streaker was wearing a mets thong.

J..... are you at citi field? And if not, did you lose your thong at Mohegan too?

J. said...

Funny you should mention the Mets game, Tommy. I've been watching it between Idol performances -- and was watching when the streaker did his? her? thing. (SNY didn't show it. Major bummer.) Be sure to read my Idol post for my Mets commentary.

And sadly, I didn't have a Mets thong to lose. Was hoping I would get one for Mother's Day, but no such luck. : (