Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Really Appreciate

Tired of giving mom the same old gifts for Mother's Day? This year, forget the flowers, the picture frames, and the gift cards and try one of these four J-TWO-O approved Mother's Day gifts. (Sorry Mom, I bought your gift card before I wrote this post. Maybe next year.)

First up, from, Understand Your Mother Instantly Breath Spray, a gift both you and your mother will appreciate (or not):

"Sometimes it seems like mothers speak a different language. At any given moment, it's hard to tell what they're saying or what they want. [Ain't that the truth.]

"Well, thanks to modern science and vivid imaginations, you can now instantly understand your Mom. All you need is this Understand Your Mother Instantly Breath Spray!

"Imagine: Your mother is muttering something that sounds like, 'Dear, please wear that blue dress I bought you.' Naturally, this makes no sense to you. But after you take a toke of the Understand Your Mother Spray, you'll realize what Mom just said: 'Dear, put on that dress that makes you seem dumpy and unattractive so I don't have to worry about you getting picked up by some playboy who will probably get you pregnant and leave you stranded in a bus station in Wichita Falls, Texas.'

"How does the spray work? Well, we really don't know. Perhaps the peppermint flavor activates special receptors inside your brain. Or maybe it works because you want it to work. It really doesn't matter... anything that may help you understand your mother is worth a try."

Next up, how about a personalized video featuring Mom as 2009 Mother of the Year?

Just go to and enter Mom's name and email address as directed to create your own personal Mother of the Year card, brought to you by Moms Rising: Breadmakers and Breadwinners.

(Btw, if for some reason that first link/URL doesn't work, click on the "Moms Rising" link above and follow the instructions at the top of the Home page.)

For the mom who is in control, or who'd like to be, I highly recommend the "Control Your Man" talking remote.

The Control Your Man Remote features 18 sayings including the following:
  • "The Queen speaketh!"
  • "Time to listen!"
  • "What about my needs?"
  • "What were you thinking?"
  • "Whoa, ever hear of foreplay?"
  • "Kiss me, you fool!"
  • "Just tell me you love me!"
  • & more!
Lastly, for the mom who's a real cut-up or likes to cook...

How about a five-piece stainless-steel knife set with unique holder?

Want more unique Mother's Day gift ideas? Check out Baron Bob's.

Wishing all you mothers a very happy Mother's Day...


EMM said...

I sent a card and flowers to my mom. The traditional will be much appreciated ;). Have a very happy mother's day!!!

Little Miss Cupcake said...

I'm making my mom some of those bacon topped cupcakes she keeps talking about. not sure what the interest is but we'll see. maybe i need that breath spray to find out. happy mother's day!

Anonymous said...

What about jewels and or booze???????

J. said...

Jewels and booze are always good. You buyin'? : )

Btw, I just updated the post to include one more gift idea I had forgotten about, which is actually quite useful. : )

WordyDoodles said...

Thanks for posting about the video! Have a great weekend!


J. said...

Forgot to write:

You're a good daughter, EMM. I'm sure your mom will love them. : )

And LMC, what is up with your mom and those bacon cupcakes?! Well, let us know how they turn out. I'm sure it will make for an interesting blog post. Btw EVERYONE, one of LMC's cupcakes was featured in French ELLE. How cool is that?!

Lizzy said...

Booze is always a good Mom's day gift - after all, the kids are cause of her (our)(mine) drinking problem!

Happy Mother's Day, J.!


Selecting one gift for dear ones is very tough for me. i always get confused. Thanks for sharing your last minute gift ideas.
Yours is a nice blog.


So -THAT'S- where my allotment of creativity went :) Glad to see it's being put to good use! No, seriously, everything you've

posted is just adorable - keep it up!

SUSAN KEMP said...
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