Saturday, September 17, 2016

Donald J. Trump, Looney Tune?

There is a classic Bugs Bunny episode from 1955 titled "Hare Brush" where Elmer J. Fudd (millionaire and Bugs Bunny protagonist and archenemy) suffers from serious mental illness. Alarmed, the board of directors of the Elmer J. Fudd Corporation  -- a group of conservative white men -- consider Fudd a threat to the organization and have him committed (to the Fruitcake Sanitarium, which is "full of nuts").

Fast forward a bit and we see that Elmer has convinced Bugs Bunny to trade places with him in the sanitarium -- and the psychiatrist trying to convince Bugs Bunny that he is Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire businessman, by having him repeatedly state "I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire, I own a mansion and a yacht." Which does the trick.

(Apparently if you emphatically state you are a millionaire with a mansion and a yacht enough times, you will believe it, even if it's not so.)

Elmer J. Fudd remind you of any other delusional millionaire* you know of?

No? Try substituting "Donald J. Trump" for "Elmer J. Fudd."

Even their signature buildings bare a striking resemblance!

Also, like Donald J. Trump, Elmer J. Fudd was obsessed with offing his opponent.

Today, however, instead of getting put in a sanitarium for his crazy behavior, our cartoon millionaire stands to get put in the White House. Now that's cwazy.

UPDATED 1/26: In his first major TV interview, with ABC's David Muir, which aired last night, Trump, who became our 45th president on January 20th, went full-on Looney Tune, spouting crazy, paranoid nonsense. Like Elmer J. Fudd, Donald J. Trump is a man obsessed -- and believes the press is Bugs Bunny.

*Until Trump produces his tax returns, I refuse to refer to him as a billionaire.


VB said...

I am going to cry...

Linda K said...

OMG. Imagining Donald J. Trump as Elmer Fudd is hilarious, and not much of a stretch! Why do his fans not see his insanity??

Anonymous said...

I can't believe i though this and went to see if anyone else was thinking it too!
are there others that think this thing is as crazy as LOONEY TUNES!!!