Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nature is amazing! (Lily edition)

I've been meaning to get to the New York Botanical Garden all summer. But I didn't make it there until this morning. Only to discover that not a lot blooms in August. Except for water lilies and daylilies (and lotus flowers).

But as you can see from my photos, below, the daylilies, water lilies (or Nymphaeaceae) and lotus flowers currently on display at the New York Botanical Garden are lovely -- and well worth a visit. In fact, they attracted quite a few visitors, of the human and insect variety. (I was particularly enamored with that little blue dragonfly, below, with the big green eyes, which was quite enamored with a certain lotus flower.)

Note: To see the flowers -- and insects -- more clearly, click on each photo to enlarge it. (Then click on the back button to return to the post.)

And that, son, is how flowers are made.


larissa said...

A colorful pop
Made my afternoon better
Dragonfly tattoo?

J. said...