Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And now for some more '80s dance music

Sometimes I miss the 1980s, or at least the dance music.

Remember WLIR? Remember all the great alternative music they played, all the New Wave and Techno stuff coming out of the UK (and the US)?

Remember "Lawn Chairs" from Our Daughters Wedding?

Lawn chairs are everywhere
They're everywhere
My mind describes them to me
Only to me-ee

And Lene Lovich singing "New Toy"?

I want a new toy (oh-ee-oh)
To keep my head expanding.
I want a new toy (oh-ee-oh)
Nothing too demanding.

And I just loved "Soft Core" from Maurice and the Cliches.

She's got a birthmark that looks just like a staple.
She's from New Jersey.
She wants to be an actress.

And does anyone else remember the Hilary song "Drop Your Pants"?

Don't leave me for another.
You've got no plan to live with mother.
Don't take your feet from my basket.
My peaches are pleasing and always in season.

Now it's your turn. What somewhat obscure 1980s Techno or New Wave song do you fondly remember?

P.S. Click on the "1980s" label (below) to hear more great '80s songs.


Anonymous said...

Keeping it simple.

Human League


Dead Kennedy's

Jim Smith II said...

Propaganda's "Dual" - Classic German Techno-pop!

Jim Smith II said...

Oh and probably anything by Frankie...

J. said...

Ooo, good one, @JimSmithII! I forgot all about Propaganda and "Duel." That was a classic.

Dave S. said...

OK, both "Soft Core" and "Drop Your Pants" were new to me. Fantastic guitar and keyboard on the former.

Propaganda's video IS the 1980s.

My entries: Altered Images and EBN-OZN, for both of which I am the proud owner of the 12-inch vinyl version.

Bonus track!

J. said...

@DaveS., Altered Images's "I could be happy" is another '80s classic, but have you ever noticed how similar it is to their other hit, "Happy Birthday"?

And I love me some EBN OZN "AEIOU Sometimes Y." :-)

Thanks for sharing!