Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nine ways to tell it's Spring

Spring officially begins here in the United States at 12:57 p.m. EDT today, Thursday, March 20, 2014. Though considering all the snow and ice still clinging to the ground here in the Northeast, we New Englanders (and Mid-Atlantic State folks) might be forgiven for not knowing it was spring.

Herewith nine ways to tell spring has sprung (even if there's still snow on the ground).

1. Google posts an animated Spring doodle celebrating the Spring or Vernal Equinox on its home page.

2.You suddenly see crocuses (those little purple flowers) everywhere.

3. March Madness. Which, I've been told, has nothing to do with being pissed about the weather.

I can just feel that billion dollars burning a hole in my pocket!

4. Every time you turn on the television, you see an ad for Cadbury Creme Eggs (which is now owned by Hershey's)...

or this one for Kingsford Charcoal, which I totally relate to.

Quick! Someone get this blogger a burger!

5. You can (almost*) count the number of days until Opening Day of Major League Baseball on your fingers.

*Sorry, MLB, but I refuse to consider those games in Australia Opening Day. For me, Opening Day is Monday, March 31st. Go Mets!

6. Every farm-to-table restaurant has fresh asparagus on the menu.

 7. Your wife starts nagging you about "spring cleaning" and that to-do list she gave you, like, six months ago.

8. You suddenly have the urge to wash your car.

9. People seem a little nicer, including you. (Except maybe for the ones who screwed up their bracket picks, or whose NBA and/or hockey team suck, or whose wife keeps nagging him about spring cleaning and that to-do list she gave him months ago, which he still hasn't gotten to.)

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Anonymous said...

In my book, Spring means flip flops and above zero temps...just say'n.

So, I am still waiting...take all your 'evidence' and lump it.