Monday, March 3, 2014

Because sometimes you need '80s music

Ever have a moment when something out of the blue suddenly reminded you of a favorite song or band? A moment when suddenly you remembered, with a smile, that song that had you dancing in your PJs in your bedroom, or singing out loud in your high school senior lounge or in your college dorm room? A song, and a memory, that made you a little happier, or a little less sad?

That just happened to me recently while working on an article. While doing research, I came across a web design agency with the name New Haircut, which has an amusing Home page -- and made me immediately think of the 1980s New Wave band Haircut 100.

Remember Haircut 100's "Favorite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)"?

Man, I loved that song.

Next thing I knew, "Blue Monday" by New Order popped into my head. (WARNING: Do NOT click on that link unless you have seven minutes to spare.)

And how many of you spun 'round your room (like a record, baby) to Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"?


And you couldn't walk into the Senior Lounge of my little all-girls high school without hearing Boy George and Culture Club. (I can still hear Kim G singing "I'll Tumble 4 Ya.")

Ah, the 1980s. I miss your music, though not your big hair or shoulder pads.

So, what were some of your favorite 1980s groups or songs? Please leave me a comment. And to hear and see more 1980s New Wave classics, click the 1980s label below.

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The Daily Del Franco said...

"I can't stand this indecision,
married to a lack of vision" --

Tears For Fears' Everybody Wants To Rule The World

As relevant now as ever....