Sunday, May 12, 2013

A little Mother's Day advice

Whoever said "father knows best" must not have had a mother.

So herewith, a little advice from some moms on Mother's Day.

First up, some Mother's Day advice from some Jewish mothers (and grandmothers):

[H/T to Molly and Molly's friend, David.]

(I loved the definition of "a genius" -- an average student with a Jewish mother. Though I know plenty of Catholic mothers who would define it the same way. ;-)

Next, what moms really want for Mother's Day, via Jimmy Kimmel Live:

For the record, I made myself (and the spouse) pancakes this morning, even though the teenager offered to make them. And they were delicious.

One last thought -- or piece of advice -- from this mother: Mother's Day should not be about celebrating the person who gave birth to you but about celebrating those who mothered you and cared for you when you needed it.

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