Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bah humbug

It's not even December 1, and already I'm wishing for Christmas -- and New Year's Eve -- to be over and done with.

And it's not because I'm Jewish. (Like many New York City Jews, I grew up celebrating and loving Christmas -- trimming the tree, singing Handel's Messiah, opening gifts.) Or that I am in a rush to get to 2012 (far from it). No. It's because if I see one more Christmas ad (I'm talking to you, Walmart, and you, Target, and you, "every kiss begins with Kay"), or Christmas deal email from some online retailer, or another ad for the movie New Year's Eve (from the people who brought you Valentine's Day! another loathsome holiday) -- and don't get me started about those Christmas music mixes every store seems to have on an endless loop this time of year -- I'm going to start screaming... out loud.

Also, is it just me or does it seem there is more pressure than ever to buy stuff, lots of stuff, this holiday season? (And what's with the pepper-spray attacks?! I'm pretty sure Jesus Christ would not approve.) Shouldn't we give because we want to, not because we have to -- or some retailer plays on our emotions?

And what's with showing all those Rankin/Bass animated Christmas specials in November?! Last time I checked, Christmas was still on December 25. Frosty the Snowman will have melted by then.

You know the real reason bears hibernate? So they don't have to deal with Christmas and New Year's Eve.


larissa said...

He went to Jared
If he didn't he's a jerk
Don't believe the hype

The Daily Del Franco said...

Rankin Bass...among the best memories of childhood.

Heat Miser and Cold Miser!!! Forgive me whilst I go cue it up on YouTube.

All together now:

I'm Mister Heat Miser.....

Dave S. said...

I suspect you're angling for coal in your stocking to use the next time your power goes out.

Steven said...

I LOVE J's annual Bah Humbug columns. Really.

And I sort of agree.

And I give you great kudos for admitting all this publicly.

Another David S. said...

I'm totally with you, J.--and have been for, oh, decades now? So no one can blame it on old age! In my case, I suspect it had to do with playing the Grinch in a one-man show back in 5th grade... Even so, the more the yuletide "spirit" creeps into November, the more its commercial roots are exposed like the dark hair under a Santa wig.

As for pepper spray, yeah, WTF? At this point I'm waiting for the inevitable YouTube video of rampaging shoppers at a holiday sale of...pepper spray.

czechgurl4u said...

Thank you, I needed this. Been feeling VERY bah humbug myself.