Friday, October 28, 2011

Say it ain't snow!

In this house, s-n-o-w is one of those four-letter words not to be uttered. Especially in October. Especially after the hellacious winter we just had earlier this year. Yet all around me, on the TV, on the radio, on the streets, and in stores, that is all people are talking about.

Looking at this map -- 3-5 inches of snow in Philadelphia, in October?! -- makes me want to weep, or hibernate. So much for tomorrow's big soccer Jamboree.

This is what October is supposed to look like:

Not this:

But apparently Winter -- or Mother Nature -- did not get my memo.

Not looking forward to the rest of this year, people.


Anonymous said...

Man up!!!

We had a nice summer.

(Please note, I live in northern VT and I do NOT get snow this weekend) :)

J. said...

I'll "man up" as soon as I grow a pair of balls and a penis -- or get a snow blower and a generator.