Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things that no longer shock me

Back in the day, I used to think life was fair, that nice guys finished first, and bad deeds (and bad people) would be punished. Now? Not so much. Indeed, few things I read in the news or watch on TV surprise or shock me anymore. Which is kind of sad.

How jaded have I become? (Just remember, you can't spell jaded without J!) To find out I compiled the following list of those things that used to shock or surprise me but now barely raise an eyebrow.

* Politicians cheating on their wives

* Athletes cheating on their wives

* Celebrities cheating on their wives

* Anyone with a penis cheating on his wife

* Priests abusing children

* Priests (and bishops and cardinals) covering up priests abusing children

* Politicians acting in their own self interest, screw their constituents (and wives; see "Politicians cheating on their wives")

* CEOs and top executives who make hundreds of times more than their non-executive employees, even when the company is losing money

* CEOs and top executives who layoff hundreds of employees right before Christmas and then give themselves lavish Christmas bonuses

* How many people in this country are obese

* Teenage girls dressing (and/or acting) like hookers

* Reality TV (see "obese people," "teenage girls dressing/acting like hookers," above)

* Shock jocks

* Bears shopping in supermarkets

So what no longer shocks or surprises you? Leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Anyone with a vagina cheating on her husband !!!

Anonymous said...

That bear cub must have been in heaven, walking among the fruit, until that nasty man picked him up by the scruff.

You know what shocks me? How young I was when I started falling apart!

czechgurl4u said...

Men in public with plumber's crack. Are they really that stupid?

czechgurl4u said...

Women with tans so fake they resemble the color of peanut butter.

czechgurl4u said...

J you said pretty much all that I could think of so I'm brainstorming now....hmm.....

Ange said...

That bear cub was shoplifting. They called the cops on it!

I remember being shocked in the 80s when I saw my first commercial on telly for sanitary products.