Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things that really piss me off (short version, in no particular order )

Because kvetching (in moderation) is good for the soul... and the heart... and the gut... : )

Rain. Enough already. Another few days of this and I'll have to trade in my Mini for an ark.

Renaming the Triborough Bridge the RFK Bridge. What the heck was wrong with Triborough? How many of the millions of people who actually use the bridge do you think remember or know that Robert F. Kennedy was a Senator from New York (or care) -- and will henceforth refer to it as the RFK Bridge? (See "Avenue of the Americas.") Which member of the Kennedy clan was blowing Eliot Spitzer?

Getting addicted to a product sold only at Trader Joe's only to have Trader Joe's suddenly discontinue or stop selling it. (God, I miss Gingeroos. Best ginger cookie EVER.)

The sacrifice bunt. I don't care what the spouse says, it's stupid.

Professional sports teams with losing (i.e., under .500) records that make it into the playoffs. What is up with that?

People who don't use their turn signal -- or flip it on after they've come to a screeching halt or are already halfway into the other lane.

Similarly, people who are so effing busy chatting on their cell phones -- without a headset or ear piece -- that they drive right through red lights and stop signs. (One nearly killed me as I was driving to pick up my daughter from camp today.)

Supermarket baggers who haven't a clue how to bag.

Being ignored in a restaurant.

Bleach splash.

People who cut in line.

Traffic, particularly the kind caused by rubbernecking. (Will there ever NOT be construction on I-95?)

Celebrities who piss away their money in lavish style then whine and cry and seem absolutely amazed when it's all gone and the bank is foreclosing on their house.

Reality TV stars. (See also "people who are famous for being famous" and "being blonde isn't a talent.")

Hypocritical politicians (see Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Eliot Spitzer, Newt Gingrich, etc.).

What are some things that really piss you off? Let me know via a Comment.

(Note: Personal attacks and inappropriate comments will be deleted.)


larissa said...

I have a long list
Haiku won't cut it, no way
No such thing as Zen

@ScottBradley said...

Let me get out my violin

(violin present)

wah wah wahhhhhhhh

Stop whining and start focusing your attention elsewhere that will actually help make you happy instead of the other way around!


Kendor said...

Breaking ranks with the spouse on such important political issues as baseball strategy and bridge naming is probably trouble waiting to happen, but I for one am into moving the base runner over whatever way necessary. I'm also good with the RFK Bridge. After a Robert Moses, the man behind the shrining of that bridge, and the glorification the "Tri-Borough Bridge and Tunnel Authority"" (hence Tri Boro), was a really evil dude.

Anonymous said...

Why all the hatin'? Well, here's why:
1.a. People who walk really fast to get on the escalator before you and then just stand or walk very slowly;
1.b. People who drive really fast before a lane merge and then slow down like they just figured out the speed limit is 55, not 75;
2. People who stand in an unbroken line across the end of an escalator and then act indignant if you try to pass through in front of them even though 40 other people are being mechanically pushed into you from behind;
3. The way it feels like time stands still in the checkout line in every CVS in the country;
4. People who claim they've never noticed that time stands still when trying to check out in every CVS in the country;
5. When waiting in a single line leading to two or more service delivery points, the person behind you who asks which line you're in, bringing chaos to what should be an orderly first come, first served experience;
6. Yankees fans being Yankees fans.

Thanks for asking.