Friday, June 19, 2009

Bottoms up!

I don't know about you guys, but I could sure use a drink after this week. (Just remember: It's always five o'clock somewhere!) And a chuckle. While I'm off fixing myself a margarita, watch this:

[H/T to Facebook friend CS.]

Finally, an over-the-counter cure for those of you who, like me, suffer from feelings of inadequacy, shyness, and wish you could be more assertive... or could just use a good, stiff drink. Hmm... better make that a double.

Wishing you all a good (and hopefully SUNNY) weekend...


EMM said...

Cheers J!

Relax & enjoy. This weekend will be the first 2 consecutive days I've had off in over a month. I love my job, happy to have it, but sometimes enough is enough.

The warning portion of this video made me laugh out loud.

Welcome to summer!!!

jjv said...

I luvvvvvv this commercial.

Dave S. said...

Ditto on the warning, and pass the Triple Sec and limes!