Sunday, June 14, 2009

Did you hear the one about the kosher search engine?

If I hadn't read about it on this morning, I would have thought Koogle was the punchline to one of those email jokes my mother-in-law is always forwarding to me and the rest of our extended family. You know the kind:

Avi: Did you hear some Israelis invented a kosher search engine?

Shmuel: No! Really? What is it called?

Avi: Koogle!

But the recently launched "kosher," ultra-Orthodox-rabbi-approved Israeli search engine is for real -- and you can find it at FYI, it helps if you read Hebrew.

While Koogle can probably help you find the nearest mikvah or a good kugel recipe, it will not display religiously objectionable material, such as pictures of scantily clad women. (Think more Golda Meir.) There is also no searching on the Sabbath (though I am assuming this would be Israeli Sabbath hours).

Good searching and biz shpeter!


Moishie said...

Oy vey

amyz5 said...

that must be my nana channeling!

larissa said...

Oh mashugana
Can I get a big Oy Vey
Or maybe Yev Yo

Dave S. said...

No matter what I search for it comes back with "Would it kill you to call your mother?"

Verifaction word is the decidedly non-kosher "pigmaro."