Monday, June 22, 2009

JibJab reveals Barack Obama's secret identity (video)

During the campaign, Barack Obama was frequently portrayed as Superman, fighting for truth, justice, and change. More recently, after the notorious White House fly incident, some in the press have been comparing the President of the United States to Spider-Man.

But after checking out the latest JibJab video, titled "He's Barack Obama," maybe a modern, hipper (and, okay, bigger-eared) version of Captain America is more appropriate.

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[H/T to my sister-in-law, who not only told me about the clip but got me the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter for Father's Day. Thanks JudgeJ.!]

While I think the JibJab video is cute, I don't think it's a great idea to portray politicians (even the President of the United States) as superheroes. They have big enough egos. Ditto athletes.

Just because someone is good at what he does doesn't make him a hero.

Though if Obama does manage to fix the financial mess, help create jobs, get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan safely -- and doesn't get us embroiled in a war with Iran or North Korea, make health care affordable for everyone while keeping the quality of care high, get kids to stay in school, find a cure for baldness, and doesn't bankrupt the country, I will absolutely consider him a hero -- or make sure someone at least names a sandwich after him.

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