Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who you calling a great big cow?

Forget cock fighting, my friends. If you want to see some real action, just get a few big ornery cows together in the same pasture and let them lock horns to determine who will be the queen of the herd.

No, I am not referring to a PTA meeting. I am referring to the centuries-old Swiss Alps tradition of cow fighting. No bull.

Indeed, the competition to see who will be crowned the queen of the cows is taken very seriously in the Swiss canton of Valais, where every summer, starting in June, locals and tourists alike -- thousands of them -- gather to see which cow will reign supreme. There is even an official website.

And while there is no prize money for winning, the thrill of seeing your cow crowned queen is considered quite an honor for the owner -- and can result in a hefty price for the heifer, should the owner decide to sell her.

(Note: Locals, officials, and even tourists who have witnessed the cow fighting say it is humane and that the bovine beauties do no real damage to each other, just to their egos.)


Dave S. said...

Cow-fighting season (aka Le Tour de Vache) sounds only slightly more grueling than working one's way through that linked site's syntax.

No Ferdinands need apply.

TommyMac71 said...

Just in time, a new hobby for Michael Vick

Brice said...

First MMA now MOO what next?

J. said...

Apparently readers are too cowed to comment on this post.

Dave S., let me know when you provide translations of P4500 in French and German. ; )

Tommy, bravo. You have outdone yourself. Still laughing. Though it does explain why there have been Vick sightings in Switzerland recently.

As for you, Brice, you got a problem with Bovine Martial Arts - or the hoof horn way? ; )